Who's Sorry Now?

It was no surprise that all the pub talk yesterday was about David “Cheater” Chaytor. Bury North’s disgraced MP was all over the news after being charged with three offences of false accounting under the 1968 Theft Act. Now I like a nice bit of fraud as much as the next anarchist, but he’s obviously not got the hang of it. Has he never heard of Robin Hood? It’s supposed to be the poor picking the pockets of the rich. Not the other way round. That’s just naughty.

Some thought has evidently gone into the charges, as potentially there were several candidates. However, some people didn’t cooperate with the investigation and some other offences would have been harder to prove. Of course, we do not know all the facts behind two of the charges. He may well just have a bad memory and that’s why he forgot he owned the properties he was supposed to be renting.

Sadly for him, there can be few households in Bury who are not familiar with all the facts of the third offence. There isn’t even the remotest plausible defence for it and falsely invoking the name of local legend Joe Stalin was truly shameful. I expect his brief to get him to hold his hands up for that one.

Such was his former standing, though, that deep disappointment was the prevalent mood in the pub tonight. One question people were asking was what he needed all the extra money for. Often it’s because of an overspend on birds, booze or matters of the turf.

Having often been driven to pauperism by the first two, myself, I could perhaps have sympathised with that scenario. But it appears that isn’t the case here. And whilst I’ve never seen the attraction of throwing your money away on the gee-gees (although I do like a woman in jodhpurs), I suspect neither has DC. So with all reasonable excuses for being on the rob exhausted, we’re just left with plain greed.

So I think it’s goodnight for him and as it’s beddy-bye time for me, it’s goodnight from me.


Colin said…
Isn't he trying to get out of it by invoking some old law?
Michael Barnes said…
Very disappointing for his constituents and everyone involved in local politics. There has been a culture of unaccountability for far too long in the in the cosy world of MPs. What the solution is to such a thorny problem, I don't know.
Tandleman said…
Will Joe be called to give evidence?
Tyson said…
I shouldn't think so as DC accepts now that Joe never did the alleged work.
Tony said…
I doubt he will get more than a slapped wrist anyway.
ian said…
What an idiot.He's scored a spectacular own goal and has gifted the seat to the tories.
Anonymous said…
In the old days he would have been horse whipped through the centre of town.
Martin said…
I think we should wait and see what shakes clear from this.I know David has had problems which may have had an impact on his financial control.

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