Dramming The Night Away

It was déjà vu this week for me and Kro 2. This time it was an evening of dramming. I prepared like any athlete would: with a strenuous warm up regime. In this case, several pints of Titanic Iceberg and the excellent Phoenix Lancashire Pale Ale.

There were six whiskies to neck, I mean gently sip and appreciate.

(1) Whyte & Mackay 13 Years Old. This was a blend and supposedly a smooth introduction to the evening. However, the aftertaste was sharp-defeating the purpose of blending and so generally disappointing.

(2) Isle of Jura 10 Years Old. Now this one was easy drinking with fruit, vanilla, spices and a hint of brine.

(3) Fettercairn 12 Years Old. This was interesting as you don’t see too much of their output this side of the border. Amber in colour, the sherry influence was most distinct. Hints of raisins, nuts and toffee blended alongside a touch of wood.

(4) Dalmore 12 Years Old. This was an excellent full-bodied whisky that was beautifully rich on the palate. Sweet spices and orange/marmalade undertones.

(5) Dalmore Gran Reserva. I couldn’t isolate the Christmas cake flavours in this, but chocolate and coffee came through along with some orange peel flavours.

(6) Isle of Jura Prophecy. This limited edition promised powerful flavours to round off the night. That it did, but unfortunately not of the good type. All the other flavours were swamped by the overpowering burnt peat aftertaste. It was like you’d been licking bonfire wood and stayed far too long on the palate for my liking.


RedNev said…
"It was like you’d been licking bonfire wood". Never having done that, I'm happy to take your word for it.

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