Happy Days With The Naked Pissed Chef

After Sunday’s exhausting day at the pit face (i.e. down the pub) I returned home around 2am feeling a bit peckish. I4 hours on the piss will do that to you. Unfortunately, as previously mentioned, Bury suffers from the same problem as its Southern counterpart-London, in that it’s impossible to get a decent late night take out Sun-Thurs.

However, undaunted I willed to make do with what was in the house and whip up a tasty, nutritional snack. But, having spent Saturday and Friday, and er, Thursday, Wednesday and ok, all week at the pit face, it appears I had overlooked to do any shopping. The cupboards were bare. This is the only problem with the great British pub: it fulfils all of man’s needs far too easily.

Luckily being a cheese addict does have its advantages. Namely there will always be scraps of various cheeses lying around. So pizza was on the cards. On a base of rosemary & thyme, I added all the cheese I could lay my hands on. Irish Farmhouse Cheddar, Parmesan, Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire, Feta, some organic goat’s cheese and a little Brie all went on. Along with garlic butter, basil and, of course, pineapple. The result was a tasty culinary delight, although I suspect Jamie Oliver might not agree.


Paul Bailey said…
Nothing like a good session on the beer to make you hungry as hell!

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