Something To Kro About

Midweek saw us on Oxford Road at Kro 2 for an evening of Australian wine and, for the carnivores, delicacies such as kangaroo. Having successfully dodged the hordes of St Patrick’s Day drunks, we settled in for a very enjoyable evening. The format was 6 wines and four courses.

The wines were:

Tortoiseshell Bay Semillon Verdello
A refreshing white with lemon and lime undertones.

Everton Chardonnay/Sauvignon/Pinot Grigio
Interesting tri-blended white with a beautiful peach and pear palate and a citrus aroma. Best of the night.

Annies Lane Riesling
The only disappointment of the night. Too acidic.

R.M Cabernet Sauvignon
Oak and vanilla mixed with red berry flavours.

Mount Llangi Ghiram “Billi BIlli” Shiraz
Very much a Shiraz. The name comes from the aboriginal for “The home of the Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo”. Spicy with ripe oak and red and black fruits in the mix.

Deen De Bortoli Vat 10 Pinot Noir
Easy drinking with strawberry and cherry flavours.

Special mention has to go to the dessert-Chocolate Brownie Trifle which was simply sublime.


RedNev said…
No tasting notes on the kangaroo, then?
Tyson said…
I think the carnies described its testicles as tasting like beef, but I wasn't paying too much attention.
NAM said…
Aha! Now I know where I went wrong a couple of weeks back trying to order beer.
Tandleman said…
I heard you had a cockatoo the other night.

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