Top 10 Bury Pubs For February

Hare & Hounds, Holcombe Brook

Lamb, Tottington Road

Major, Ramsbottom

Good Sam, Ramsbottom

Robert Peel, Market Place, Bury

Towler, Walmersley Road

Red Lion, Hawkshaw*

Pack Horse, Affetside

First Chop, Ramsbottom

Footballers, Summerseat

*There’s some bad news for fans of the excellent Red Lion. As a consequence of the credit crunch, the pub was put up for sale, thus providing the long serving landlord an opportunity to buy it. It was always going to be a tall order and unfortunately it looks like he has failed to secure sufficient finance to go ahead with the purchase.

The tale of woe doesn’t end there, though. Currently the pub is run with a light touch by the owners: allowing for some tasty guest beers such as Phoenix. However, the likely purchaser has turned out to be none other than local lager brewers J.W.Lees. Which will mean drinkers will have a choice of dull-as-dishwater locally brewed ale or pure Middleton Carslberg.

What have the landlord and the drinkers of Hawkshaw done to deserve that?!


Tandleman said…
Or Golden Original lager, so it isn't all bad.
Steven Bolton said…
This is a real shame.What will happen to the menu? Will it be replaced by a standard JW Lees one/ If so there will be many unhappy customers and they will vote with their feet.
Trevor Milton said…
A disaster for Bury. From hoppy to hopeless beer! Is this definite? Because if not we need to organise a petition and tell Lees where they can stick their Golden Original.
Anonymous said…
Stan said…
The Red Lion is doing everything right at the moment. I can understand JWLees wanting to buy it but it isn't in the interests of its clientele. Beer range will be reduced for one. I personally don't mind Lees but would prefer a choice. And the food situation is also a point of worry. I suppose we can only hope for the best.

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