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Thursday, 1 April 2010

Brendan Goes Belgium

Bury microbrewer Leyden brew out of the Lord Raglan pub in the scenic hamlet of Nangreaves. Their core beer range is themed around the Crimea with names such as Light Brigade and Sevastopol. They do, however, also turn out seasonal beers and special one-offs.

In recent times they have become more experimental and have looked abroad for inspiration. Their first attempt at a cask version of a foreign beer was the unforgettable Leydenhosen which was launched at the first Hare & Hounds beer festival. Such was the success of this; it was quickly followed by Ramsbottom Reichsnau Gold and Brendan’s Dunkel.

Now they have made their first foray into the bottled Belgium market. Leyden Frambozen Raspberry Brown Ale promises the best of Lancashire married with the delightful taste of a traditional Frambozen. Brendan Leyden explained “We sell a lot of Frambozen in the pub and we also sell a lot of brown ale as. It just seemed natural to try and mix the two and produce a Lancashire Frambozen. The locals can’t get enough of it and there is some talk of trying a Nangreaves Gueze next”.

Leyden Frambozen is available in limited numbers from the pub and comes hand wrapped in half champagne bottles. It pours deep ruby in colour and begins with the aroma of fresh red raspberries. This is followed by the ripe seductiveness of a fruity brown ale and delicate malt notes. If there is enough demand, a cask version might also be trialled.


NAM said...

I *do* like the idea of a Lancashire Frambozen. I think I'd detect Uncle Joes in the nose with a long cow-heel finish.

Steve Bolton said...

Well I remember the Leydenhosen and it was terrible. I hope this is a lot better.

Sean said...

Isn't like Frambozen a protected brand or something? Are they allowed to do this?

Reidy said...

this is an april fools joke isn't it???

Tandleman said...

It must be. Tyson NEVER praises Leyden.

Dr Doolittle said...

I have rung the LORD RAGLAN to ascertain the FACTS in this instance. Appaently I was the THIRD person to do so. Mr LEYDEN assures me there is no Leyden Frambozen. He also does not LIKE having his time wasted in this manner. I have come to the conclusion that this is an APRIL fool.

Anonymous said...

If you wanted a real April's Fool you should have said JW Lees had produced a drinkable beer.

Tyson said...


That would be stretching credibility too far!