Forever Bury

The 6th annual Forever Bury Beer Festival took place at Gigg Lane last weekend. Apart from Friday, when there was literally blood on the carpet, it passed peacefully and gave punters the chance to sample a range of beers and ciders all for £2 a pint.

Local barmaid legend Rachel became a celebrity overnight by appearing on Granada Reports and is said to be now considering a move to Hollywood. It’s also rumoured that Don Ricardo asked her to autograph his left testicle.

As usual there were winners and losers on the beer front. Oakham JHB was an old friend returned to form and Forge Forged Porter was nice and silky for 4.2%. Holts Lightning Holt was light but underwhelming and Boggart Hole’s 6 VCs Before Breakfast was good-if you like butterscotch in your beer.

Another poor brewery-Bazens-were responsible for the horrible, smoky, mess that was Cuckoo’s Nest. Daleside St Georges was an easy drinking 5.2% blonde ale, as was Liverpool Pale Ale. Brass Monkey from Sowerby Bridge are usually reliable and their 4.2% Mandrill was a very satisfying, amber coloured, hoppy number.

Good discovery of the day: Morton Brewery. Both their Essington Blonde and the dry hopped Jelly Roll were thirst quenchers.

Bad discovery of the day: Castor Ales. Roman Gold was golden, but tasted very unpleasantly metallic. Serene Nene was even worse; a homebrew disaster that tasted like the brewer had been soaking his soiled underpants in the wort. However, Uncle Albert, a firm believer in the there’s-no-such-thing-as-bad-beer philosophy, proclaimed it “superb stuff”. There’s nowt as queer as folk.


Tandleman said…
"Blood on the carpet?" More details needed I think.
Tyson said…
I didn't witness it, but apparently there was a guy (old enough to know better) pissed and looking for a fight. And he found it-with one of his mates!
sausagebap said…
What did you think of the Waen brewery beers? I thought they were pretty solid stuff!

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