I Was Young When I Left Home

Well it’s over. The country’s biggest pub festival at the Hare & Hounds came to a frenetic end on Sunday. Yet another excellent marathon slurping session organised by Andy & Lynne and their staff. Frequented by the usual mix of local and national drunkards, it took its toll on many. I even vaguely recall Tandleman calling in.
As usual, on the new beer front, there were a few good ones, several indifferent and some downright dodgy brews.

Beer of the festival: Pictish Columbus. This beautifully hopped little number didn’t last long on the pumps.

Confirmation of what you already know: Tower, whatever the colour of their beers, are poor. Their golden ales just tasted of burnt malt and nothing else. Northumberland-Hoof Harted (ha ha) etc were all wooden. Spinning Dog-yuk.

Best new brewery: Brentwood. All of theirs were quite palatable, with the 6.5% Chockwork Orange proving an interesting old ale brewed with oranges. And fair play to the lass I saw knocking back pints of it.

Worst new brewery: Nelson. Their Gold Galleon was grim and the rest wasn’t much better. Although they come from the garden of hops (Kent), it appears they don’t actually use any in their beers. A smirking band of scoopers informed me that apparently they are notorious as poor brewers. I was told they are “even worse than Bazens and Boggart” and that (somewhat worryingly), “they taste like my granny’s piss.”

Here’s to the next one, but no Nelson, please.


Paul Bailey said…
The scoopers you spoke to Tyson, are right about Nelson. I have never been impressed with their beers, and I am by no means alone amongst local drinkers!
ChrisM said…
Glad to see Northumberland are still churning out badly named crap.

Can't disagree with Pictish Columbus, a fabulous beer - I really wish Pictish beers got a bit further north more often.

Will make it to the 'Dogs' one of these days...
Tandleman said…
Was impressed by Empire from Huddersfield.

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