Round & Round

There’s an interesting snapshot of British drinking habits with the publication of OnePoll’s latest survey. The rounds system is a time honoured British institution, but, according to the survey, the privilege doesn’t come cheap. The survey of 2,000 18-65 year olds throws up some interesting figures.

First and foremost is £39, 480. That’s what the estimated lifetime spend on buying rounds will cost you. The average person spends £840 a year buying beer for others which, it is claimed, equates to £30 billion nationally.

The average round costs £13, with two rounds each being the norm for a night out. The Irish pay the most for a round-£17, whilst the Geordies squeeze in at just £12.80. Going out three times a month is considered the average, but 25% are hitting the pumps twice a week and buying drinks in groups of five.

The biggest sin? Ordering more expensive drinks when it wasn’t your round. Some 70% of people claimed to be infuriated by this and found it unacceptable behaviour. Quite right. The rounds system is a sacred ritual and should not be sullied by such antics.


MusicRab said…
This is going to sound as if I'm a tight northern Yorkshire person...but... rounds. These work fine provided the following rule applies :-
the number of people in the round [<]= the number of rounds bought.

I put the [<] there because I'd consider myself to be REALLY anal if I said we stopped buying drinks after we'd had one full set of rounds.

Too many times I go to the pub and its either a.the same people buy the drinks or b.never have near enough rounds for the number of people in the round.
PS. I have got Yorkshire blood in me.
RedNev said…
I've never been keen on rounds, but will join in if I'm in a group that favours them. But even in these groups, there are people who will stay to have a drink or two and then always leave before they've put their hand in their pockets. No one says anything to their face, but they will be talked about afterwards. The funny thing is they seem to think no one notices.
Anonymous said…
Rounds are better than a kitty ... you all put the same in then the red bull & short merchants use all the cash

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