Smoke And Mirrors

Today we welcome Paul Taylor, of Blackwood, Gwent, back to the land of reality. He has been away with the fairies in the land of the misguided pro-smoking lobby. It must be a shock when you finally realise that strongly believing in something doesn’t make it a fact and that the truth is actually the opposite of that belief. In this case; it’s the smoking ban.

Mr Taylor, licensee of the Rock public house, is running as an independent candidate in the Welsh constituency of Islwyn. Part of his manifesto pledge is a relaxation of the current ban. Having blamed the smoking ban for the record number of pub closures, he naturally assumed others were of the same opinion and that they would welcome such a relaxation.

However, after a tour of 30 pubs in his area, he has changed his views. His plan to allow some pubs to be designated “smoking pubs” had very little support. “The consensus was that people didn’t want smoking pubs, they are happy to go outside,” he said. “It was a real eye opener.”

He is still hoping to gather enough votes in order to reclaim his £500 deposit. If not, he will have to chalk it down as an expensive reality check.


RedNev said…
I'm not very surprised. There was an opinion poll on the CAMRA website asking what people saw as the main reason for pub closures; only 5.4% said the smoking ban. The top three reasons were: low supermarket prices (40.29%); beer tax (25.9%); and the beer tie (16.91%).
Martin said…
The smoking apologists haven't a clue. To them pub closuresa are just political firewood to use for their own gains.

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