So Lonely

A very hot day in Manchester. And a very hot day inside the new Marble bar on Thomas St. Is this why I had the place to myself? Unless you were directly in front of the fan, it was uncomfortably warm. And, unfortunately, the cooling system couldn't cope with a near empty barrel. Result=flat, warm, beer. And having both beers weigh in at over 5% when a session strength beer is called for, probably wasn't the wisest move either. These are teething problems that hopefully will be addressed before the (supposedly) hot summer hits us.
Meanwhile the Angel has opened its, er, beer garden. With its barbed wire fence, it has more of the look of a transit camp than a traditional English garden, but beggars can't be choosers. And the beer was good.


granata said…
Are sparklers imminent in there yet? Gravity just doesn't do their ale justice.
Tandleman said…
Have to agree with that. Not the best idea ever.
NAM said…
Not difficult to fix these days with cooling jackets.

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