Who Ate All the Nuts?

For once the discussion in the Dogs this weekend wasn’t about beer, birds or soccer, but that other very important pub subject: pies.

Ramsbottom is home to a number of delicatessens and shops specialising in local produce. For example it’s a good place to acquire the legendary Lancashire Sauce. What’s that, I hear you Southern belles squeak? It’s a spiced, vinegar based, condiment that the good folk of Lancashire use in place of salt, pepper etc.

However, what had the locals chattering into their cloth caps were local pie makers Pots & Pies. They started out two years ago and have steadily built a reputation for excellent pies using traditional recipes.

You can choose from such delights as wild boar & chestnut, pheasant, leek & mushroom and pigeon and pea. However, it’s their squirrel pie that has captured the media interest and they are struggling to keep up with demand.

Joint proprietor, John Thornton, was quick to point out some of the difficulties in making squirrel pie. “It’s a struggle to get two pies out of one squirrel,” he said. “They’re fiddly and there’s not a lot of meat on them.”

Plus they are much harder to catch than leeks & mushrooms.


Cooking Lager said…
For some reason that reminded me of what the Korean branding of Pot Noodle. They are called Not Poodle, over there.
RedNev said…
As long as they're grey squirrels.

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