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Sunday, 11 July 2010

The Surrey With The Fringe On Top

An interesting, if somewhat puzzling, bit of news comes from the land of Max Boyce. Michael White, licensee of the Ruperra Arms in Newport, Gwent is less than happy with Punch Taverns. Nothing new there, you might think. But the cause of this dispute is not the usual-rent increases, the price of tied beer etc.

No, in this case the issue is his right to be able to use the “Guinness Surger”. This is a device whereby bar staff pour a can of non-widgeted Guinness into a pint glass and then place the glass on an electronic plate.

This then sends sound waves through the liquid creating a creamy head. Mr White is upset because Diageo are happy to supply the unit, but Punch are refusing to allow him to use it until they have trialled the device. Which, to be fair to Punch, does not actually sound unreasonable.

However, what interests me is the nature and purpose of this device. Apparently it’s intended for outlets that sell less than half a keg a week. Now that’s very little beer indeed. We’re always being told that if a pub cannot sell enough cask ale, then it shouldn’t really be selling any at all. Surely the same thinking applies to draught keg beer?

Michael White says “At the moment I’m wasting Guinness because it’s going past its best before date. I don’t want to remove Guinness from my bar because it’s a quality brand.”

Guinness may, or may not be, a quality brand, but the evidence is certainly telling Mr White that his customers don’t care for it. So why persist with it? Diageo have a vested interest in selling these devices, but of what actual benefit are they to the customer?

A can with a widget would produce the same result. And at a much cheaper price. Of course, therein lies the problem. Call me cynical, but I suspect that Guinness drinkers are expected to pay for the privilege of a creamy head created by sound waves. Are there any Guinness drinkers out there who have tried it?


Guinness Surger said...

A can with a ""widget" does NOT produce anything like a Surger can!

The Surger can is as good as a draught pint, in fact it is even better than some "ropey" establishments pour.

Michael said...

Funny how people can make judgements without actually getting all the bloody facts .....no wonder this country is going to the dogs
Michael White

Michael said...

Funny how people can make remarks without actually speaking to me or just getting hearsay remarks, I challenge the publishers of this Bog, sorry fruedian slip their , Blog to speak to me personally on the matter
Michael White