All Wright On The Night

ROLL UP! ROLL UP! FREE DRINK FREE FOOD. So read the sign outside the Moon Under Water on Tuesday night. Well, it didn’t actually, but perhaps it should have. How else to explain the low turnout for a meet the brewer night? After all, did I mention there was free beer and food?

And it wasn’t as if it was some stuffy, dull affair. Keith Wright, of the George Wright brewery, is a very entertaining and informative host. We have met him before, but recognising a bunch of grizzled drunks when he sees them, he eschewed the usual beginner’s guff about how beer is brewed etc and got us tucked straight into the ale.

What followed was an interesting drinking session intellectual discussion on his bottled beer range-I now know more about carbonation than is legally sane and he kept us regaled with his tales of the brewing trade.

He claims to have the most technologically advanced microbrewery in the UK and has some exciting plans for the future, including growing his own barley. Like everyone else he is getting into New Zealand hops. He will also still continue using American hops, even though their 500% price rise in the last 18 months is quite staggering.

So even though Tandleman couldn't make it-he sent his plenipotentiary instead-a good night was had by all and that was even before the wardrobe malfunction. But then, how can you go wrong with Beige Phil in attendance? Did I mention there was free food and beer...?


Tandleman said…
I was informed of your presence by my spy er.. I mean pleniwhotsit that you were there with the tweed underpanted one.

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