And Thus You Poured Like Heaven Wept

It’s official. Wasting beer is wrong. Yes, not only is pouring perfectly good beer down the drain morally wrong, but it seems it’s actually illegal. The Environment Agency has warned that as alcohol is hazardous; allowing it to pollute the water supply is an offence that carries a potential £50,000 fine or even a spell in chokey.

And who are the worst offenders of this heinous crime? Ironically, it’s our boys in blue. They have been pouring thousands of litres of the stuff down drains since the Confiscation of Alcohol Act 1997. They’ve now received a slap on the wrist and have promised not to do it again.

I just wonder what they are going to do with all that unwanted booze...?


John Clarke said…
Welcome back! Always one of the better blogs - you've been missed.
Sid Boggle said…
They could sell it off cheap... no, wait... erm...
Tyson said…

Happy to oblige:)
RedNev said…
Sell it off for a charity, such as Drinkaware?

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