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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

(Just Like) Starting Over

More upheaval in Salford with the news that local brewery Bazens is relocating. Richard Bazen is upping sticks and moving into the revitalised Star on Back Hope St, Broughton.

As I understand it, the brewing operation will be scaled back to a 5 barrel plant. And although he will continue to supply his trade outlets with the Bazens brand, he will essentially be brewing under the Star Brewery banner.

I wish them both well with this new venture. Just let’s hope, for everyone’s sake, that this means the end of that god-awful, burnt-caramel tasting shite he’s become notorious for in recent times.


Mozzie said...

Bazens has been poor for a long, long time. Here's hoping that this will bring him back to the fold of good brewers.

granata said...

Only had a couple of pints of Bazen's in the last few months as it's usually one to swerve. But, rather oddly both times, and in separate establishments (Thirsty Scholar and Corbieres IIRC), they had a not-unpleasant Stilton after-taste. Beer: good, cheese: good.