The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Seems that Salford’s pub resurgence has suffered a setback. The Black Lion on Chapel Street which was the first in a five-pub, real ale crawl along the A6, incorporating the Crescent, the New Oxford, and the Kings Arms on Bloom Street, has closed.

The Lion was brought roaring back to life under the stewardship of Tim Flynn, landlord of the uber-successful New Oxford. He was given a wide remit by the pubco and a pub that everyone assumed was finished rose from the ashes.

But, despite good press reviews, the BL struggled to find its niche. Understandably, Tim didn’t just want to clone the New Oxford and so avoid becoming just a tickers pub. However, a rather lacklustre beer selection didn’t catch the imagination of an audience with all the delights of Manchester to choose from. And anywhere refusing to use sparklers is, frankly, just asking for trouble.

Now it appears the partnership with Lucifer has come back to bite him with a vengeance. That old pubco classic-the upwards only rent spiral-means that it’s adios Black Lion. Let’s hope this is just a temporary setback. After all, a boarded up pub is of no use to anyone.


Tandleman said…
I kind of doubt they'll find someone who wants to do as Tim did, with all its imperfections. It'll become a scally only dive again I predict. Then it'll close. Again.
granata said…
No sparklers at all? What was the justification for such an odd decision? Rarely venture into the badlands, is the Kings Arms still the best boozer or has the New Oxford taken its crown?
Tyson said…
The no-sparklers rule can only be explained by eccentricity. Whatever happened to the customer is always right?

The Kings is still good and complements the Oxford whioh focuses on rarer beers.
Steve said…
I never "got" the Lion. Food could be good but more often than not,the beer wasn't. No surprise it's closing as it was empty whenever I went in.
Anonymous said…
No sparklers??? Bastard!

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