Manx Malarkey

Interesting news from the land that time forgot. Yes, Tandleman’s favourite holiday destination, the Isle of Man, could be on the brink of an interesting social experiment.

Bill Malarkey, a member of the Manx parliament, the House of Keys, is calling for 16 year olds to be able to buy alcohol in pubs. Currently, of course, and somewhat pointlessly, they are allowed in pubs, but can’t buy any booze.

It’s interesting as Malarkey is heading the island’s drug and alcohol strategy, so would be expected to know something about the subject. His basic rationale is that if they are in the pubs, they won’t be on the streets and it’s better for everyone if they are in a controlled social environment.

Unusually for a politician, this idea has a sound basis and the local police have signalled their willingness to discuss it, albeit with their concern that it may lead to an increase in consumption. Over here, Tim Martin has been a strong advocate of this measure, although it seems unlikely to be implemented any time soon.


Tandleman said…
Where the IoM leads, no-one follows, but its nice they think outside the box.

They'll be bringing back the birch next. Now that'd keep 'em off the streets.

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