Rock On

So the dust has finally settled a week after the opening of The Rock-Bury’s new £350M retail and leisure complex. Or the shopping centre as we like to call it. 200,000 paving slabs have been used and there is 500,000 square feet of retail space and 100,000 sq ft of leisure.

We’ve got a bowling alley, a super cinema (hooray), an M&S and Primark. We had Gemma Atkinson to open it and a Thwaites Shire Horse made an appearance-nobody knows why. However, there seems to be one thing missing.

I looked high. I looked low. But there’s no sign of a pub or a bar. So, as much use to a red-blooded male as the Trafford Centre. This embarrassing oversight probably explains their dislike of people taking photos.

How else to explain the fate of David Gibbs? The foolish 68 year-old was caught brazenly trying to take some photos by two heavies. I mean security staff. Mistaking Mr Gibbs for Mr Bin Laden, they warned him that everyone was treated as a potential terrorist now and that any more of his disgraceful behaviour could result in a permanent ban from the site.

I understand their reluctance considering their imbibing blunder, but just remember: they have to catch you first.


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