Another Saturday, another day in Huddersfield. This time for the Star Inn Summer Beer Festival. The Star has built up a well deserved reputation for its festivals: serving beer as God intended-on sparkled handpump.

That being so, it was no surprise that there was a queue outside long before it was due to open. This being the British summer and there being a hosepipe ban in force, it was no surprise that it was also piddling down.

Still, no worries, what with nearly 50 beers on in the marquee and a further 9 in the main bar, there was plenty to do. There was even live entertainment in the form of some halfwit asking for an unsparkled beer. I haven’t laughed so much since seeing Peter Kay at the Met.

No surprises on the beer front, with decent efforts from the likes of Southport African Gold, Wentworth Summer Loving and the excellent Backyard Sun Zinger. I didn’t try the topically themed Vuvuzela by Northumberland, but am quite happy to predict that it was, like all their beers, shite.

Best beer in the marquee had to be Roosters Stars and Stripes which had more zest to it than some of their recent lacklustre offerings. Was Brew Co’s 3.5% Raw Nerve really an American style Belgium Pale Ale? I shall leave that discussion to the beer geeks, but will say that it was quite an interesting beer.

Which is more than can be said for Fleeting Glimpse by Fulstow. This 2.8% brew was described as “pale and citrusy” and “one for the drivers”. Pale(ish) mebbee, but no citrus tones. It reminded me of those old alcohol-free beers and had the consistency of cold tea.

Much better, in the pub itself, were Brew Co’s Hop Monster and the (naturally) sublime Pictish Galactic. Overall a success yet again-but then, how can you go wrong with Beige Phil in attendance?

Two quibbles, though: Non-refundable glasses-what’s that all about? And the Ploughman’s. Come on now, bread is cheap. One (small) crusty cob does not, in my book, suffice.


Anonymous said…
how in gods name do Northumberland survive.i cant believe they can sell this beer in there local area.
RedNev said…
Forcing drinkers to buy glasses is a rip-off. Some people argue it's necessary to keep their festivals viable. This is nonsense; it's just a way of maximising profits.

If a festival's finances truly are on such a knife edge, perhaps it shouldn't be put on at all.
Will said…
You didn't mention the cheeses Tyson - surely you tried the cheeses! No?
Tyson said…
If you mean the cheese you got with the Ploughman's, then yes, that was ok, but my primary concern was with the bread offering. Sorry to be picky but...
ChrisM said…
I didn’t try the topically themed Vuvuzela by Northumberland, but am quite happy to predict that it was, like all their beers, shite.<<

Never a truer word said. Anon - you never see Northumberland beers in Newcastle as all the pubs know noone will drink the stuff. We don't have it at the Newcastle Beer & Cider Festival, either.

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