Changing Of The Guards

Congratulation to the latest pub saved from closure by the locals buying it. The Old Thirteenth Cheshire Astley Volunteer Rifleman Corps Inn has been purchased from Enterprise Inns for £110,000.

The pub, in Stalybridge, is famous for having the longest pub name in Britain and for once having been visited by Tyson the Beerhound. Ok, several pubs can lay claim to the second of those statements, but it’s still heartening news.

When I visited it served Wilsons Mild & Bitter and there was a certain buzz about this 1857 Inn. Seems some things haven't changed that much. As Rob Tonge, one of the quartet of new owners, put it: Pubs are shut down and boarded up every day. But we’ve been drinking here for years and would have been devastated had it gone to the wall”.

Let’s all drink to their success.


Anonymous said…
Fantastic blog, I hadn't noticed previously during my searches!
Continue the good work!
RedNev said…
It's great news, and I have heard of this pub because of its name. Good luck to the new owners.

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