Everybody's At It

In the words of the great poet Lily Allen, everyone’s are all at it now. First we had the pubs and cafes attempting to denigrate the character of the honest-to-goodness ploughman’s. Now even the humble cheese & tomato sarnie isn’t safe. Hang your heads in shame M&S.

Now I don’t mind that they put it in a roll and call it something else. Or even that they sell it at an inflated price. But whose bright idea was it to cover it with mayo? Never mind, thinks I, there is always the “traditional” West Country Ploughman’s. Made with lovely West Country cheese, lovely West Country chutney...and mayonnaise!

This ConDem government really has got a lot to answer for. Not only are they threatening to crush our drinking rights, but they are now after our sandwiches. Come back Gordon Brown. Always remember, if I wanted mayonnaise. I would have been born French.

Get it sorted.
*Shown for contrast value. The bastardised M&S abomination and the cheaper, much better, Greggs alternative.


Paul Garrard said…
Whilst I agree that mayonnaise has no place in a ploughman’s lunch there is nothing wrong with mayonnaise per se. When a man is tired of mayonnaise he is tired of life! Much better than the shite-in-a-bottle that goes by the name of salad cream and lurks in sliced white bread territory; much beloved of Sun readers and other retards.
Tyson said…
I know where you're coming from, Paul. However, the danger of mayonaise is like nuclear power: once invented, it's going to get used whether you want it or not.
Anonymous said…
Penny said…
There has been an insidious creep of mayonnaise in recent times. Whilst it may have more social prestige than salad cream, I feel that, generally, it’s not a trend to encourage.

I support your campaign and look forward to reading your manifesto on the subject:)
Paul Garrard said…
Oh yes mayonnaise in it's proper place - certainly not ubiquity.

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