FABPOW: Ceilidh & Ravioli

It’s the age-old problem. You stagger in after a session and fancy a late night feast. But what to do? You can’t get a decent pizza delivered at 3am and you can’t be bothered (i.e. too drunk) to do anything very elaborate.

Never fear: you have your ravioli saved for just such an emergency. Just heat the sauce up and bedtime snack here you come. Only one problem-you realise you haven’t got any sauce. Never fear: it’s time for a bit of FABPOW. That’s food and beer matching to you and me.

In this case it was Ceilidh, kindly donated by William Bros. This is a 4.7% lager that when served cold and crisp is easy-going with a sweet malt aftertaste. Once warmed up, unfortunately, the malt comes to the fore too much for my liking and you don’t get the promised citrus notes.

However, where it does come into its own is as Bolognese sauce substitute. Pour it over pumpkin ravioli and you have an interesting combination of flavours-the sweet malt seemed to really bring out the delicate pumpkin flavour. It was a delicious mix of sweet and spiciness.  Then again, I could just have been pissed.


Mark said…
LOL! I'm always up for trying new food and beer pairings but this one... maybe best saved for 3am
Paul said…
But what did you drink with it then?

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