Going, Going, Gone?

The Duke of Clarence (AKA the “Clarey”) on Silver St is once more closed and boarded. Enterprise Inns were reduced to a “Peaceable Re-Entry” in order to try and reclaim some of the monies owed by their light-of-foot tenant.

Seems apart from not paying his rent, he wasn’t paying any other bills, either. Not surprising as, in his short tenure, the pub was very seldom open. Well to the public anyway. He could, however, be often glimpsed through the open window playing cards with his mates or hosting a private drinking session.

On the face of it, it seems a nice change for someone to screw the might Enterprise Inns. But I doubt Ted Tuppen (CBE, don’t you know) will lose any sleep over it. And it’s always a shame to see a town centre pub down on its uppers. Despite the retail boom in the area, this could well be the last hurrah for the DOC.


Anonymous said…
Better watch out or Don Ricardo will be after those satellite dishes.
RedNev said…
Impressive frontage - a shame.

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