Travelin' Band

Congratulations to Peter Hill and his merry band of Black Country Ale Tairsters. Last Friday, at the Water Mill in Kidderminster, they reached the milestone of 15,000 on their pub tour of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

They have been spending all their free time touring the hostelries of the UK since 1984. In that time, they have travelled some 250,000 miles, visited every pub in 11 counties and sunk some 92,000 pints. Apparently their favourite watering holes are the Powis Arms in Welshpool and The Highwayman in Sourton, Devon.

This is some achievement, but Mr Hill may have put his finger on the secret of their success: “None of us are married, which is a good job, because I don't think wives would be too happy playing second fiddle to pubs and beer."

I suspect he may be right.


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