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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Cheese Of The Month

This month's wiiner must be Tunworth Soft Cheese which was donated by the kind folk at Forman & Field. Produced by Hampshire Cheeses; Tunworth is a legend amongst British cheeses.

Some three years ago two friends, Julie Cheyney and Stacey Hedges spotted a gap in the British cheese portfolio and set about conquering the cheese world. Their version of the French Camembert soon set tongues tingling and they were rewarded by being crowned Supreme Champion at the 2006 British Cheese Awards.

Tunworth is a handcrafted soft cheese, made using unpasteurised cow’s milk from a herd of local Ayrshires and traditional rennet. It has a thin (edible) wrinkly rind and a lovely, healthy aroma.

It’s soft and creamy (and very sticky!) with a strong, rich flavour, but a surprisingly smooth texture. It’s very moreish and fully deserves the accolades. You can really taste the time and attention that has been lavished on this king of cheeses.

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