These notices offering “free” booze were all the rage at one time. Clubs and bars in particular were fond of this gimmick and it proved very popular with students. Critics weren't so keen and accused venues of encouraging binge-drinking.

Due to their dubious legal nature and a prohibitionist wind blowing in, they’ve become increasingly rare in the pub trade. So well done to our very own Wyldes for taking us back to the 90s.


Tandleman said…
I like the £2.95 admin fee. Free indeed!
ChrisM said…
There was free beer at the Durham Beer Festival in the final half hour on Saturday. Whether that's a good thing or not, I couldn't possibly comment (one of them was Durham Benediction at 8.4%), but free beer does exist occasionally.
RedNev said…
I have suggested in the past that at the closing of a CAMRA festival, you may as well give away the beer rather than pour it down the drain. The idea was not taken up.
Anonymous said…
Any views on my ale?!

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