Half The Man

So Tony Blair turned to man’s best friend in his hour of crisis. Yes, folks, it’s true. The great man has revealed that he hit the booze pretty hard to help him cope with the pressures at 10 Downing Street. Some evenings he would have a G&T AND a half bottle of wine with his dinner!

This actually explains a lot: If he thought that constituted heavy drinking, then no wonder that he thought two old tanks and a load of nuts constituted weapons of mass destruction.


Sid Boggle said…
When I read this, for some reason I thought of that old joke, where a young guy rushes into his local pub and orders a double scotch, knocks it back and orders another. The barman asks him what's the occasion. Lad replies, I've just had my first BJ. Barman offers congratulations and offers to buy him another. Lad says, no thanks, scotch doesn't seem to get the taste out...

Then I pictured Mr. Tony and Dubya Bush... B-)
RedNev said…
At least William Hague claimed to drink 14 pints as a teenager!

But even there I'm not really convinced: I never drank 14 pints as a teenager, but I sometimes do now 30+ years on.
Paul Garrard said…
God's binge drinker!
Cooking Lager said…
I thought it quite revealing. That in blighty people view booze as self medication rather than the oil of life. So much for european cafe drinking culture Mr Blair.
Penny said…
Isn't the point that he was a non-drinker, so that this would seem almost extreme to him?

Wonder if it was red wine?! You really should have called your post that, you know.

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