Horse Walks Into A Pub

Have you heard the one about the horse that goes into a pub? Councillors in Kent did when they were presented with evidence that showed horses were being ridden into the Cross Keys pub in Erith.

Apparently more than 100 travellers descended on the pub on August 15 and according to police licensing officer PC Eddy Boston, five of them simply rode their horses through the front doors in a bid to get a drink.

He showed Bexley Council's licensing sub-committee footage of an earlier incident at the pub and claimed that it was now a 'regular occurrence'. He also said that there were reports the travellers had been causing chaos on the roads outside the pub by racing ponies and traps along the High Street.

One local described the scene: 'One moment you're sitting down having a pint and bag of nuts and then some horses come in through the door with gypsies sat on top of them. It was one of the oddest moments of my life, I have to admit and I had to check someone hadn't spiked my drink - it was complete mayhem.'

Despite the landlord-Derek McKenzie-assuring the panel that he felt he had 'the situation under control'; it was decided, possibly not unsurprisingly, to revoke his licence as it was clear that "he could not control the situation'.

No horses were available for comment.


Paul Garrard said…
"You can lead a horse to water but can't make them drink"
.. or can you?
Ron said…
Have you read the reviews on Beer in the Evening?

'Bad place. Only barmaid worth talking to was a biker chick - lovely woman.

"And the other who didn't answer in grunts. Other than that a scary place."

Another wrote: "Well is you ask me I wouldn't let my dog walk in that pub alone, let alone myself. The windows are yellow, it has still got its Christmas decorations up (in June) and the beer is rank."

Yet another wrote: "Bar staff slightly moronic, but friendly as long as you don't overdo the diction."
Penny said…
What appals me is the treatment of the horses. I hope the RSPCA got involved.
Tyson said…

The knob who tried to kick the horse on its way out is a particular favourite of mine.

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