Money's Too Tight To Mention

In a move likely to gladden the heart of RedNev, MPs are to pay more for their booze from today. In a move set to cut £500,000 from the £6.1M annual food and drink bill, prices have risen across the board. Becks has gone up 70p to £2.90 while a pint of Stella will set you back an extra 65p at £3.05.

Those who like a drop of Bitter will also have to pay more for the privilege-35p in their case. However, the rises are not just confined to alcohol. The cost of a cup of tea has already jumped 35p to 60p a cup and coffee from 40p to 75p.

The new prices for meals have yet to be decided, but will bring them in line with “high street pub chains like Wetherspoons”, according to officials. Presently a beef dinner sets MPs back £3.90 and a chicken and mushroom pie £2.95.

One senior MP has already blasted the rises as “way higher than they need to be” and “totally unjust”. So after Band Aid, Tsunami Aid and the like, can we expect Bob Geldof to ride to the rescue with MP Aid?


RedNev said…
The poor things, having to pay the market price for their food on their meagre salary of £65,738 per annum. My heart bleeds for these pampered parasites.
Philip said…
I'd provide free ECT for them.

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