On The Road Again

A diversionary crawl of Manchester was initiated recently by Tandleman. Basically he held me at gunpoint and forced me round some of the local hostelries. Why? Because he is like that. It’s just a trauma I will have to learn to live with.

First stop was Microbar in the Arndale. This GBG bar still suffers from problems with choice and temperature of its cask offerings but at least it does now have a fridge for the bottled beers. I played safe and went for Phoenix’s kegged but unpasteurised Lager Bier which certainly is a cut above the competition.

Something of a leisurely meander then took place: Odd bar (top marks for barmaid), 57 Thomas St (handpumps & sparkler, please), Common, City, Crown & Kettle, Bar Fringe, Smithfield, Angel, before a few for the road in the Marble Arch.

First we take Manchester, then we take Middleton...


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