One More Weekend

Meanwhile I also found time to show some Northern country bumpkins round the mean streets of London. After marvelling at the candle-less lighting and carriages driven without the aid of oxen, it was time to see what the local taverns and ale houses had to offer.

Now we all know Londonistan is strange. A queer place full of, er, funny people. In the civilised parts of Britain, the weekend is the time that most people unwind and hit the sauce. Londoners, being mostly idle and frankly a little backwards, seem to drink in the week and do nowt at weekends.

The result is that a lot of half decent boozers are closed at the weekend. This is a shame as we all know London needs all the good pubs it can muster. Still a dash round on the Friday nailed a few and left us free on Saturday to make excursions further afield.

Somewhat surprisingly, temperature wasn’t generally an issue, although condition was a different matter. Some otherwise excellent pubs, such as the Greenwich Union-Darkstar Hophead-were caught lacking in this department. And when will Bonking Boris get out of bed and make sparklers compulsory?

The Dispensary made a good start with some well kept Wolf’s Straw Dog which, despite being the end of the barrel, was cool and clear. The finale at the excellent Crutched Friar was even better as the beer of choice was none other than the legendary Proper Job.

It’s nine years since Tandleman and I imbibed in the Jerusalem Tavern. Nothing seems to have changed-it’s overrated but seems to suit the locals ok. I was impressed with the Adnams in the Museum Tavern and Ye Old Mitre delivered a fair pint of Discovery.

No surprise to find excellent Harvey’s and Woodford Wherry in the Gunmakers. Nor the Old Brewery which kept us busy as we moved along the fonts, ignoring the cautious voices in our wallets.

The Bree Louise was a pleasant surprise-no they haven’t cleaned the place, but they did have a beer festival on. This enabled us to restrict our intake of Old Rosie and concentrate on Brewdog Punk IPA instead.

On this visit the main disappointment were the Wetherspoons. No shock that Goodman’s Field was poor (GBG? Yeah right) but the Liberty Bounds and Penderel’s Oak weren’t much use either. The Knights Templar did come to the rescue-again. But (perhaps because of early closing), Saturday is definitely not the day for visiting the Crosse Keys.

Finally a special mention for the White Swan on Alie Street. This pub seems to glory in discrediting its GBG status. A gloomy little hole, it sells a range of overpriced, warm, turbid, Shepherd Neame beers. Whitstable and Spitfire were bad enough, but the Master Brew tasted like some smoky gloop that the landlord had cooked up in his bath. Truly terrible.


TIW said…
I've always found the Penderel's to be a safe bet. Haven't been in for a while, mind.
Ryan said…
I went to London once. It was closed.

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