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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Smells Like Teen Cheese Spirit

Appenzeller is an unpasteurised, semi-hard, cow’s milk cheese that gets its name from the northeast region of Switzerland, close to the border with Lichtenstein. It has a documented history of some 700 years and each dairy has its own variation on the classic recipe.

Like our own Stinking Bishop, it is cured with cider to give the rind a beautiful aroma that will tickle your olfactory system. Yes, basically it pongs. A lot. This was a “Festive” or “Extra” variety so was particularly fruity after a year’s ageing.

It will smell your fridge out but as this cheesehound consumed it all in one sitting, this wasn’t really a problem. It has a nutty, tangy taste that lies on the tongue and delights the tastebuds, leading to a very satisfying finish.


Pizza suitability: Eat it all before I could try, but due to its texture, probably not ideal.

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