Smokey Blues Away

Science is coming to the rescue of this year’s famous Munich Oktoberfest. This year it celebrates its double centenary, but organisers are worried about the effects of the smoking ban that will be applied for the first time.

Organisers claim that without the usual stench of cigarette smoke to hide it, festival goers will have their senses assailed by the unpleasant pong of gallons of stale beer that has been spilt on the floor. And with 60% of visitors likely to be under 35 non-smokers, they fear they will not take kindly to this aroma.

The solution? A special odour killing bacteria called Elbomex that will be poured on to the floorboards of the Hofbräu and other festival tents. The company that produces it claims that it is useful in eliminating smells caused by cesspits and compost heaps and will be effective in combating the stale beer smells

Is this the future of beer festivals over here in goold old Blighty?


Barry said…
Could do with it at some British fests.
RedNev said…
Some people have commented that since the smoking ban they can now smell other customers who have - shall we say? - a nodding acquaintance with hygiene. I can't say I've noticed any more than I did before, but perhaps we should have aerosol versions of this Elbomex for certain pub-goers.

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