Working On A Building Of Love

These photos demonstrate that work is underway at the planned Irwell Works Brewery in Ramsbottom. What with this and Radcliffe brewers Brightside beginning to test brew, Bury’s plans to become the brewing capital of Britain are well underway.


RedNev said…
Bury the Brewing Capital of Britain?

Liverpool CAMRA calls Liverpool the Real Ale Pubs Capital of Britain.

Swords at dawn, I think.
Tyson said…
I grant you that Liverpool may (just) have the edge in pubs, but brewing wise, we win hands down. Four breweries each but Liverpool is much bigger and has nearly 3x times the population density.
Barry said…
By that figuring, Bury IS the brewing capital of Britain!
Tyson said…
Er, I think that's what I said.
Barry said…
Got it-it's the title of a Chairmen of the Board song, isn't it?

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