Mallinsons Brewery Visit

Mallinsons Brewery can be considered amongst the top rank of UK microbrewers. I was going to say amongst the up and coming, but as they have actually been brewing for 2.5 years, I think it’s fair to say that they have arrived.

Sir Tandleman has already covered the basic logistics of the trip, so I will just summarise. An eager group of CAMRA freeloaders descended on a converted garage in Lindley, Huddersfield, and proceeded to drink the place dry.

Tara, the brewster, entertained us with her simple, but effective, brewing philosophy-no brown beer, lots of hops etc. Meanwhile the hordes of CAMRA wildebeest hungrily eyed up the first lone, vulnerable, cask offering. For the geeks-this was Dominator, a 3.9% very hoppy beer brewed with Centennial and Simcoe hops and lager malt.

A perfect example of the evolutionary directive: it really was dog eat dog and survival of the fittest. Picture the scene-thirsty imbibers shuffling ever closer to the firkin; no one willing to break from the group until one imbiber breaks ranks. Strangely, Tandleman always seemed to be at the forefront of this cask dash.

Sickened by the sight of such feral behaviour, I took myself off to the bottle store where Elaine, Tara’s partner, showed off their impressive collection. Indeed, so impressed was I by their hospitality (vegetarian buffet, tick), that I couldn’t bring myself to pinch any. Or even a branded glass, unlike some...

An excellent visit to an excellent brewery.


MusicRab said…
So I guess, reading between the lines, you didn't enjoy your visit very much;) I trust all CAMRA members aren't freeloaders and thieves showing feral behaviour. Very sad to hear.
Tyson said…
My disgust at the shorts-wearing, freeloading, thieving, Guardian reading, beer geeks of CAMRA knows no bounds. If this is a good example, you won't catch me on one of their degenerate trips until the next one.
Tandleman said…
I think (well hope) legs are being pulled here.If it happened I didn't know about it.
Tyson said…

Don't spoil it. I'm just about to serialise it in the Daily Mail. The fact that the beer was for us and that the person may have asked to take their glass cannot be allowed to ruin a good story. I'm pressing for "Mallinsons Malcontents Mayhem".
MusicRab said…
I think I've been caught, hook, link and sinker;) Must be time for a Beer
Philip Carney said…
Which beer would you advise?
MusicRab said…
If I knew how, I'd have underlined Beer; so you'll just have to put up with

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