The Princess & The Grog

A hilarious rib tickling tale ripped from the pages of the fourth estate.

Princess Eugenie (daughter of Andy & Fergie, apparently) is studying English and the History of Art at Newcastle University. Now, like all students, it appears she likes a drink. And, like most people, she chose to buy her grog from her local Tesco.

This is where it gets hilarious. The cashier at the store in Jesmond thought she looked younger than her 20 years and demanded proof of ID. But when she flashed her student card, according to the Daily Mirror, “the man immediately spotted who she was and squirmed with embarrassment”.

Not only that, but apparently “Other shoppers in the Tesco at Jesmond, Newcastle, struggled to hide their amusement at the gaffe.” One explained: "It was funny. Obviously everyone else in the queue knew exactly who Eugenie was.”

Hilarious? Not really. I wouldn’t have recognised her either. Dare I suggest that she may not be quite as famous as some at the Mirror would seem to believe?


Cooking Lager said…
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Cooking Lager said…
Was there mention of the young lady expressing a preference for cheap lout in her purchase decision?
dizzy dee said…
Looks like a stella hag to me
RedNev said…
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RedNev said…
It's all too twee and convenient, and I'm certain this story is a piece of fiction. Would her ID actually say 'Princess Eugenie'? I really doubt it. I wouldn't have recognised her either.

Royals and lying journalists - two of my bêtes noire in one story.
ChrisM said…
I've probably walked past her on numerous occasions and not noticed who she is. And that Tesco in Jesmond is a NIGHTMARE.
Paul Bailey said…
No, definitely wouldn't have recognised her either.
Barry said…
Never even heard of her!
Penny said…
I do know who she is and may have seen the odd photo in the press, but I wouldn't recognise her in the street.

Also ReNev makes a very good point about her ID. A total non-story.

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