Winners & Losers

The Good Pub Guide 2011 has excluded 381 pubs from this year’s edition after a flood of complaints. It claims that the number of dissatisfied pub customers has risen from 3/10 to 4/10 since publication of last year's guide.

Staff shortages and surly landlords were the most common complaints. Other complaints included: a smelly roaming dog, grubby surroundings, overpowering TVs, piped music, poor choice of beers and food not up to standard.

This beggars the question-are pubs really getting worse or are just more people complaining? However, it’s not all bad news and some pubs were singled out for particular praise. The Tempest Arms at Elslack, Yorkshire, was named as the overall 2011 Pub of the Year, whilst the famous Watermill at Ings picked up the gong for best beer pub.

There’s an interesting comparison with the GBG: The Church Inn at Saddleworth is praised for brewing its own beers and selling them for £1.70 a pint. No mention of quality. On that basis the pages should be packed with Wetherspoons pub as they sell a wider range of beers for not much more. Oh and as for the GBG, that has wisely been ignoring the Church for several years now.


RedNev said…
Interesting points, but does anyone who knows anything about beer and pubs take the Good Pub Guide seriously? It's sold on the basis that "our Fred likes his pint, so he'll love this." The fact that Fred usually drinks only in the Bricklayer's Arms in Corporation Street is lost on the eager Christmas present purchaser.
Sue B said…
The GPG is very useful for finding somewhere nice for lunch in an unfamiliar area. Beers other than pedestrian or mainstream are a happy bonus.
Sam said…
Personally I find the GPG a strange beast. What is it's definition of "good"? The production seems very amateurish as well. You're better served by the AA guide which at least makes its criteria very clear.
TIW said…
I'd give a pub with 'smelly roaming dog' extra points.

I like the GBG, but it baffles me sometimes. The Buck Inn at Buckden (which has just closed, as it happens) gets included, but not the infinitely better White Lion up the road in Cray.

Bideford in Devon struggles for decent pubs but the Kings Arms and the White Hart are both easily worth an entry, but get left out.
Barry said…
Sue, isn't that what the GBG is for? As someone who looks out for pubs that have something different to offer,I would take the GBG over the GPG every time.

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