Euston Tap: The Shocking Truth

Well what a week. Pete Brown tried his best to stir up a storm (hint: next time try smoking ban/sparklers), but ultimately failed to win me a fiver. In the blue corner Tandleman got in touch with his feminine side and came over all “tired and emotional” and made some very funny comments which he, rather sadly, later retracted.

Meanwhile down amongst the plebeians, there was drinking to be done. This involved a much anticipated visit to the Euston Tap. Well more than one, actually. These things can’t be rushed.

So everyone has heard about the Euston Tap. Everyone has heard that it’s outside Euston station, is tiny and has only one, yes one, toilet. But is it any good? Well the shock news is that...yes it is. It’s excellent actually.

A small downstairs bar area is complemented by a comfortable little room upstairs. This is navigated via a splendid spiral staircase which, like Everest, is no problem going up pissed, but requires caution on the descent. A beer carrier (that’s not the nickname for the barman) is handily available to facilitate carrying several pints up there.

A very impressive range of draught beers are served a la American style from the back wall taps. The 8 cask options include Thornbridge/Marble and guests. All were in excellent condition and the Wild Swan at £2.70 was a snip. Kegged Kipling and Timmerman’s Peche also hit the spot.

The fridges contain an Aladdin’s cave of bottled beery delights. On my visits, this included beers from Australia’s Little Creatures, Dogfish and the Left Handed Brewing Company.

So an unqualified success and a bar fit to grace the great cities of the world. Even Manchester. But the best bit? They do 26" pizzas. Respect.


Tandleman said…
Wow. 26 foot pizzas? How do they get them up the stairs then.

Looking forward to my visit next week.

PS My it were apologies for personal pops that I gave. Turning the other cheek is so 2010.
Anonymous said…
Great pub. Mind you, anywhere that serves BrewDog Paradox on draught is always going to be a winner in my book. The choice of 26 other cask / draft beers was a big help as well. Not to mention the enormous beer fridges.
Sir Mixalot said…
Great little place but the queue for the toilet is a major pain.
Mark said…
I still haven't been but will be in next week - looking forward to it!
Martin said…
And was the extraneous gas question asked?
Tyson said…

It was...but not by me:)

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