London Round Up

But one pub does not London make. So, despite the obvious temptation to do so, one cannot live solely on the succulent nourishment of the Euston Tap. Well they don’t open till 4pm on a Sunday for a start.

On the plus side: Top of the pile is the Rake; maintaining its high standards. Excellent Oakham JHB (welcome back); an interesting draught beer choice and an outdoor; covered, heated area. What’s not to like? Oh and thanks for the warning that Flying Dog Double Dog Double Pale Ale (practice saying that pissed) was £4.75 a half. Well it is 11.5%.

The Bree Louise, for the second visit in a row, excelled with some very good beers. I was particularly taken with the Redemption Pale Ale (3.8%), which has a long bitter finish that really dries the back of the throat. The Market Porter and the Wheatsheaf, both in Borough, also did well.

Brodie’s Amarilla at the Old Coffee House was refreshing and well conditioned, scoring higher than the under par Dark Star Hophead in the usually reliable Harp. A first, and probably last, visit to the Moon on the Mall showed this GBG Wetherspoons to be decidedly average. Dark and gloomy, it can’t do veggie burgers because “it hasn’t got the right equipment”.

There’s no need to go through the rest of the list of mediocrity, let’s cut to the name and shame part. Step forward the George on Borough High Street. Yes it’s a tourist trap. Yes Charles Dickens was a customer. But neither of these justifies £3.50 for a pint of flat Greene King brown slop.

Even worse, taking into account its reputation, was the £3.75 a pint charged at the Brew Wharf. Hop ‘Em High was the worse of the two beers on offer. This supposed India Pale Ale was not so much flat and murky as terminal. If ever a beer needed CPR, this was it. Ok, the place was quiet, but that’s no excuse for quality of this low standard. Consider yourself on the naughty step.

So overall, with a few notable exceptions, London once again performed reasonably well. But although things might be considered to be getting better vis-a-vie temperature, there is still a lamentable lack of sparkler use, something which needs to be addressed if our capital is really serious about beer quality. Because someone told me the Olympics are coming...


Tandleman said…
Bree Louise getting plaudits? Good. Was this the handpumped beer or the racked beer from the stillage?

Unsurprising about the George. Haven't been there for years as why would I? And the Harp? Anyone can have an off day, but disappointing.

Glad to see the Old Coffee House on blob. Its just round the corner from E's work and rapidly becoming a favourite of mine. Needs sparklers though.
Tyson said…
The beer at the Bree was on handpump-not sure I trust the stillage beers yet. I agree about the Old Coffee House, but then where doesn't!
Anonymous said…
you were unlucky with your timing as the Brewharf has been brewing some excellent beers but have to agree the 2 on last week even in good condition were fairly dull beers cheers
Reanna said…
Cool bar, but the toilet situation is a farce. I do not want to be queueing behind a drunken gaggle of men who all leave the seat up or smell it out.

Surely it would heve been far better to eschew the aesthetic value in return for something more practical? There must be lots of more suitable premises tucked away in central London.
Tyson said…

That thought had crossed my mind, but could things really be that simple?
TIW said…
The Coffee House has the most miserable barman in London. And that's saying something.

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