BABPOW: Oatabix & Brewdog Punk Monk

Ok, it’s awhile since I did any beer and food matching so, in an attempt to also catch up with some beer reviews, I decided to initiate this first review in, hopefully, an occasional series.

Now with all respect to the great & the good, when they try beer matching, they invariably try different foods in an attempt to perfectly complement the beer. This can be a little hit and miss and doesn’t strike me as good methodology.

For my purposes, I need a benchmark. Something that will not only allow me to evaluate the beer, but offer an opportunity to possibly find the ultimate food and beer pairing. Now this would mean eating the same dish-and nothing too racy-each time. Possibly a little dull and impractical to do that at various times of the day.

With this in mind, I have decided to go with a breakfast and beer theme: BABPOW. The universal nature of this meal seems ideal and the timing will not impinge on the rest of the day. Plus it gives me a perfect excuse for having a beer early in the morning. Having briefly considered Weetabix, I have decided that the oatiness of Oatabix is the perfect benchmark food. Plus I usually have that for breakfast anyway.

The first beer to face the Oatabix challenge is Brewdog Punk Monk. This is basically Punk IPA with Belgium yeast thrown in for good measure. There’s no ABV, but I believe it’s 6%. It looks golden like Punk and has a similar aroma but seems fruitier. It pours well and the taste confirms the impression of the aroma. Pineapple & gooseberry, yes, but definitely less bitter, more fruit and more rounded than the Punk, I’d say.

So a complex, but enjoyable, breakfast beer that slips down easy. The light oat texture of the Oatabix mingled well with it and took the edge of the finish to produce a satisfying, if short, finish.

Fruit, hops and oats for breakfast. Healthy and tasty. Recommended.


RedNev said…
What would you match with a full English breakfast?
Tyson said…
Well I usually try anything that's going, but I suppose ideally you would need something fairly heavy to cut through the grease.
Barm said…
Not at all, a nice watery brown bitter with a light aroma of Goldings is a splendid match for a fried breakfast.
Barry said…
No I'm afraid it's something along the lines of a good solid Porter for a full fry up.

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