Breakfast Beer: Nanny State

Today’s breakfast beer is Brewdog Nanny State. This is the original version of their Imperial Mild. It may only tip the scales at 1.1% ABV, but it packs a (theoretical) punch of some 225 IBUs. That’s International Bitterness Units for the uninitiated. With Holts Bitter coming in around the 40 IBU mark, that’s some serious bitterness.

Initially it didn’t seem too bad. The russet colouring seemed to actually complement the washed out brown of the Oatabix. The aroma was more of a stench really, but the strong vegetated hop notes didn’t seem to bother my hangover too much. What was a problem was the taste.

There was a one dimensional bitterness that marked it out as a gimmick beer. I could have handled the extreme bitterness, but the sheer wateriness of it made it seem like a glass of hop tea rather than beer. It wasn’t doing anything for me and frankly the Oatabix was lost in translation.

Like a true professional-you won’t get pissed on it anyway-I threw it down my neck. But this, although at first appearance it may seem ideal, is not a breakfast beer.


RedNev said…
I was trying to work out the acronym BABPOW. 'Beer and breakfast' was obvious, but is POW 'pairing of the week?
Tyson said…
Basically, yes. It's a twist on the old FABPOW acronym.
RedNev said…
FABPOW? I hadn't noticed that acronym before, but then I don't usually read food and beer pairing articles ~ except for your excellent Oatibix ones, of course.

I like Oatibix, and so will take on board your warning about Nanny State.

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