Live From Spoons

Christmas Day is full of traditions. The Queen’s Message, Deal or No Deal: Scrooge or Santa, and, of course, a surge in domestic violence. Following in those footsteps is my legendary, eagerly awaited, live Spoons blog.

This year, as always, it comes from the resplendent Robert Peel. Which is full, as always, at this time of year with the unwashed, the unwanted and the old school drunk. It’s slightly busier than last year. But then Trackside Mick said he’d been in the Knowlsey (the only other pub open) had a pint and spewed up-that’s Greene King for you.

The conversations range from the likelihood of Man Utd winning the league (high) to the likelihood of getting a Christmas snog from the barmaid (highly unlikely) and the drinks of choice are Wobbly Bob, Robert Peel IPA and Black Market.

Cheers and please remember that pubs aren’t just for Christmas.


Paul Bailey said…
Enjoy what's left of today and the rest of the festive season, Tyson!

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