No Booze Shortage At Westminster

Good news. There’s no need to worry about how the severe weather may affect the booze supply at the Palace of Westminster. According to information released under the Freedom of Information Act, the government and their select chosen ones have a stockpile of bottles to tuck into.

Yes, when they said we’re all in it together, they obviously weren’t referring to the mountain of booze that they have access to. It seems Whitehall is awash with the stuff. Some 36,000 bottles of wine and spirits, some worth £3,000 each, are included in the £2M valuation.

Of course theses bottles aren’t available to all and sundry. Apparently each bottle comes with instructions as to how and to whom it should be served. All bottles are graded, with A1 being reserved only for VIPs and C grade being the stuff that is served at receptions. Good to see standards haven’t slipped under our new ConDem masters.


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