November's Beer Of The Month: Hardknott Light Cascade

Sampled in the Grove in Huddersfield, so naturally in top condition. I’ve been wanting to try this much discussed 3.4% for awhile and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Now a lot of beer geeks/brewers go ga-ga for stronger beers, but you can hide a multitude of sins in stronger brews, but the truth will out at this strength.

Yes, it’s in the tiddlers like this that the true mettle of a brewer lies. How to pack in plenty of flavour without the weight of alcohol? And on that basis, this passed with flying colours. A well-hopped thirst quencher that builds to the kind of dry finish that demands you have another. So I did.


HardKnott Dave said…
You know, despite my comments on strong beers, I agree that all brewers should learn to make sessionable beers too. Volume wise most of the beer I brew is in the 3-4% range.
HardKnott Dave said…
Oh, and do you have a beer and cheese match for it?
Tyson said…
Good question, Dave. Obviously something tangy. If I were conducting a formal tasting session, there would appear to be three choices.

(1) Considering the strength of flavour, treat it as if it was a much higher vol beer and match it with a cheese such as Stilton.

(2) Treat it as a (powerfully hopped) Pale Ale, so perhaps Romano in that case.

(3) A variation on the above-a nice sharp Cheddar.

Of course, this really requires empirical research which I would be more than happy to conduct:)
Leigh said…
Yeah, I really enjoyed this. At the time of drinking, I just wanted a light pale I could enjoy in my lunch hour. Despite sounding like the easiest thing in the world, sometimes that's hard to find. And I agree fully with Dave's comments - you can hide a multitude of sins behind complex grain bills but the real test is a single malt, single hopped pale. Nothing to hide behind. finally - your cheese match - I'd love to try that Romano suggestion with it!
Barry said…
I'm jealous. I've been after Hardknott Cascade for awhile now. Every time I get somewhere it seems it's just sold out. I'll keep trying though as it seems worth it.

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