Phoenix Nights

Tony Allen of Phoenix Brewery in Heywood has been brewing fine ales of various hues for over 25 years now. In that time the North West has been quietly carving out a reputation for itself as a producer of hoppy beers. Of which, Tony has more than his fair share. Although it should be stressed that Phoenix isn’t a one trick pony and does brew some excellent dark beers as well.

That being the case, an opportunity to sample at source is a prized invite and explains a sell out crowd for Tuesday’s Christmas bash. The great, the good and even Tandleman were all there. There was a choice of three beers: Hopsack, Snowbound and Christmas Kiss. The first two didn’t survive the night’s festivities, but an 18 of Kiss proved just beyond ever our capability to finish off in the permitted time.

So thanks to Tony & Mel for hosting the event and for putting up with all of those other drunks. And if you get the chance, try some Phoenix beers. You know it makes sense.


RedNev said…
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RedNev said…
When my local in Southport, the Guest House, puts Phoenix beers on, you need to drink them quickly as they just fly out of the barrel.

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