2011: The Year For FemAle(s)?

So 2011 has begun much as 2010 started. With a treasure hunt. The treasure, in this case, being that most elusive of things: the female beer drinker. Yes, after more false starts than the 1993 Grand National, it’s Molson Coors turn to take the lead in this search for the seeming Holy Grail.

With beer sales in decline and profit margins squeezed down to 2p on a pint of Carling, MC are keen to expand the market laterally by tempting more women to drink the nectar of the gods. According to Mark Hunter, chief executive of Molson Coors UK, the company has spent £1M asking some 30,000 women exactly why they don’t drink beer.

And the answer? They don’t like it.

'It is perceived as bitter, bloating and served in buckets,' is Mr Hunter's curt summary of the survey.

His solution? A new exciting beer to go on sale later this year. He’s playing things a little close to his chest as yet, but a more female friendly version of Carling appears to be the most likely option.

One possible stumbling block is the name, as they don’t want to totally alienate the classic “blokey” Carling drinker. 'It needs a unisex name as we wouldn't want men to reject the idea,' says Hunter. 'The more unisex it is, the more credibility it has.”

FemCarl, anyone?


Barry M said…
Carla-ing, maybe.
Cooking Lager said…
I suggested "Bints beer". I did not get a reply. My next suggestion will be "birds brew".
Penny said…
Unisex? As long as they don't call it "Testosterone" or "Beer Belly"!
Barry said…
Sticky Fingers?
Harry said…
It's already been brewed! Harry's Beer on sale in Shropshire now.
I am Stan said…

I`ll get me coat!
RedNev said…
Desperate Marketing.
Reanna said…
Do they really need one? I was going to suggest less macho advertising. But, judging by the number of girls I see drinking it in my local, they've already got a unisex beer.

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