Beer of the Week

This has to be Cropton North Peak Vicious American Wheat IPA. Quite a mouthful in more ways than one-it certainly seems hard to recall its full name after a gallon of it has washed down your gullet.

This 6% hybrid delight was sampled at the Old Wellington in Manchester. I was somewhat surprised to find that it more than delivered on its interesting premise of balancing an American heavy hopped IPA with the refreshing tang of a wheat beer.

Perhaps the moreish result is less surprising when you look into its pedigree. It may be brewed by North Yorkshire’s Cropton Brewery, but the man behind the beer is American. Mike Hall, who is a Master Brewer and a senior member of the International Brewers Guild, met the Cropton gang during their tour of Northern Michigan micro breweries.

The beer is made using four different hops and is named after the legendary Dogman (part antelope, part jackal) which, according to US folklore, roams Northern Michigan. It’s on sale in Nicholsons and M&B pubs and I recommend it for hopheads who like their hops with a little extra kick.


Leigh said…
Yeah, I liked this one a lot, too. Really refreshing but well-balanced, too. Wheat IPA? Why didn't I think of that? Really nice beer.
Mark said…
Sounds great and the branding is excellent too. Good to see new breweries making interesting beers! I look forward to seeing them around sometime.
Frank S said…
A great beer that I sampled recently in God's own country. As you say very moreish and does not seem like 6%.

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