Beer of the Week

Hawkshead Windermere Pale. This is a classic beer and takes some beating, anyway. But it’s not just about throwing it down your neck and falling down drunk. It’s about the moment, the ambience and the life experience of drinking a beer. Apparently.

So this one wins on any number of criteria. Not sampled at the NWAF, but at the City. Not the famous City Arms on Kennedy St, but the City on Oldham St, just a bit further up from the Castle.

This authentic slice of Mancunian life attracts what CAMRA likes to call a “mixed clientele”. There are the old timers calling in after shopping, the Moss Side lads who jealously guard the pool table and some footie fans watching the match. And, on this occasion, two guys straight out of Shameless, popping E and gulping down cans of Coke.

It’s a great place to people watch and where else in Manchester, nay indeed the country, could you walk in on Stylistics Karaoke? The house beer is brewed by Acorn and there is usually a Stout on as well. Acorn Gorlovka this time around. And, sometimes, there’s a guest beer to try. Which is where the wonderful Hawkshead Windermere Pale came in.


RedNev said…
I should have thought Stylistics karaoke would be very painful, seeing how tight your underwear would have to be.

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