Breakfast Beer Tasting: William Bros 80/-

Today’s a big day. Yes it the start of the national Winter Ales Festival (NWAF to those in the know) in Manchester. Who’s going? Ok, now lower your hands. A big day requires two things to kick start proceedings: A big breakfast and a beer.

Now this not being the Noughties, it’s perfectly acceptable, beer etiquette wise, to sometimes skip the large breakfast. And so we find ourselves sampling a bottle of Williams Bros 80/-. That’s 80 shillings in that old funny money that your dad told you about.

William Bros are a Scottish brewery that started out in a homebrew shop way back in 1988. Based in Alloa, they now bottle (and cask) well known beers such as Fraoch and the seaweed beer, Kelpie. 80/- is a 4.2% recreation of a classic Scottish style and comes in a 500ml bottle.

It pours an appealing deep red/brown colour and the initial aroma burst is of roast malt and chocolate. This carries on through to the flavour; with smoked malt, chocolate and toffee all discernible in a slightly light body. There are some tart fruit undertones, but not enough for my liking.

The finish is nice and dry, but quite brief. Overall an interesting beer, but perhaps could do with being a tad stronger. Its overwhelming maltiness prevents it from being moreish enough for me, but it complemented the Oatibix rather well.


Paul Garrard said…
Sorry but beer for breakfast warrants nothing less than the full English

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